'Westward' EP now available for free on Noisetrade

The journey Westward has always been a mystic one. A passage meant to bring about new beginnings and in turn new futures. Written and recorded in 2011 and 2012 'Sparrow', 'Burn' & 'Lay My Body Down' display our beginning and our future. They show our desire to speak about what was happening both around us and inside us. And they begin to lay the foundation of what we continue to build, as exemplified in 'Crash'. Thank you for listening and be well out there.

Free EP Available here: http://noisetrade.com/greatamericancanyonband/westward

GACB Cover's "The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore" for Amazon Music's #LoveMeNot Playlist

On March 17th, 1966 The Walker Brothers hauntingly beautiful song "The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore" reached #1 on the UK Billboard charts.

Today Feb 3rd, 2017 Great American Canyon Band is ecstatic to release their rendition of this timeless classic exclusively through Amazon Musicas part of their #LoveMeNot playlist.

Hear it here exclusively -> http://amzn.to/2jElV2p



Grief has no timeline. It has no plan, and it can be as personal as it is shared. We recorded this in tribute to the late David Bowie and it remains as such, but as life is ever moving we release it at a point where it also serves to honor an irreplaceable hero we lost in our own lives this past week. So to all those we love in life and beyond, we will embrace and always remember your teachings. 

"We can be heroes."

Thank you to Brightest Young Things for premiering it yesterday. And thank you to Amazon Music for producing the video.

Impose Magazine's "Week in Pop" Reviews New Song 'Undertow'

"Head over to Impose Magazine to read their feature on our new "heart haunting single" 'Undertow'. 

"This is the feeling for anyone who has felt head over heels about anyone or anything, who has ever felt the overwhelming rush of everything all at once, and for anyone who has ever longed to be consumed by a sound that might understand the most cryptic codes of the spirit and self."